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Posao Content-writer

4 posao

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Graphic Designer

600 - 1.000 $


 ...development and execution ~Assist with development and updates to website, social media creative, marketing campaign creative, marketing content, and print communications ~Support branding strategies for clients ~Ensure all work meets goals and maintains brand aesthetic and... 
Novi Sad
pre 11 dana
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I would like to learn Spanish online and receive relevant comments from a competent mentor (remote)

15 - 25 $


Tutoring jobs in Skype: Spanish language. Specialties: General. Age range of target audience: Not Specified (1-100). I am currently studying at a university in California and have a placement exam in about three weeks. I was hoping to get a tutor to help me greatly...
pre 4 dana

I would like to develop my speaking expertise in German with a patient online mentor (remote)

10 - 20 $


Tutoring jobs in Skype: German language. Specialties: General. Age range of target audience: Not Specified (1-100). My name is Milica and I am interested in atrending classes of German :) Is it possible to have it in group, for my friend and me? What are the options...
pre 13 dana

Fine Jewelry Shop Managers

1.500 $

Crew Manning

We are currently actively seeking qualified & experienced Fine Jewelry Shop Managers to join the teаm of Famous Boutique Jewelry Brand onboard Ocean Cruise Ship. This is an amazing opportunity to represent an award-winning brand, we need salespeople who have a strong desire ...
pre 29 dana