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Posao Hardware Pančevo

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Recruiter, Intern (relocation abroad)

Bending Spoons

 ...make a good case for some extra learning, we’re delighted to foot the tab ~ Cool HQ. Natural light, silent rooms, state-of-the-art hardware, fun-filled common spaces... You’ll certainly be in the right environment to do your best work. And, when it’s time to switch off, you... 
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Software Developer

Manpower Group

 ...system design and software architecture as well as interface specifications (Development of Software-Interface-Specification, Review Hardware-Software-Interface-Specification) ~Implementation of the application software by hardware related programming of customer relevant... 
pre 2 meseci

Frontend Developer (relocation abroad)

Bending Spoons

 ...Through your work, you’ll have a tremendous positive impact on our company’s future Top of the market tools. You’ll be given the best hardware on the market and all the software you need. We can’t wait to introduce you to our high-tech approach to design and our cutting-edge... 
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