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Posao Merchandiser Pančevo

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ATTRAQT  -  Pančevo

 ...About ATTRAQT ATTRAQT is a global leader in e-commerce optimisation, offering powerful solutions for Onsite Search, Online Merchandising, and e-Commerce Personalisation; tailored to the specific needs of online retailers. With unmatched expertise and a passion for retail... 
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Zalando  -  Pančevo

 ...our products  Establish rock-solid operation of systems, meet ambitious SLAs and continuously improve the setup, to ensure that merchandise worth a billion euro a year can be ordered  Collaborate with other technology and business teams to ensure that our solutions are... 
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Zalando  -  Pančevo

 ...internal users and 2000+ of our suppliers.   Where Your Expertise Is Needed  Design and implement microservices that power our merchandise processes and enable decision support and process automation Drive architecture and features from the business goals, ensuring... 
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