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Naša članica Quantox Technology raspisala je konkurs za poziciju Front-end Developer u Kragujevcu. Our team has grown to include more than 100 highly qualified experts in their fields and their combined talents allow us to confidently create virtually any kind of digital product...
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Coolblue  -  Kragujevac

 ...your team in creating the semantically correct HTML, well structured CSS and Google friendly JavaScript. You will have to check the final PR later, because the day will end with a meeting with a few other enthusiastic developers. You have a great idea for implementing new... 
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Potrebni vozači sa hrvatskim, slovačkim, mađarskom, bugarskim, rumunskim ili EU pasošom za rad po EU. Nije potrebno radno iskustvo. Pomoć pri polaganju Code 95. KAYAK TRANS, ****@*****.*** tel. 063392000.
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Lodgify  -  Kragujevac

 ...solving use discretion and courage to select a robust and maintainable solution add momentum to the development effort with good PR etiquette and clear communication mentor junior and mid-level developers You will work closely with a Tech Lead and the VP of Engineering... 
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Oradian  -  Kragujevac

About Oradian Oradian is the global team of microfinance and technology experts behind Instafin, the world’s first core banking system designed especially for the microfinance industry. We are bringing global best practice to the industry using a simple subscription model...
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Piktochart  -  Kragujevac

About Piktochart Our mission is to provide a design tool that’s both intuitive and indispensable. Whether you’re a marketer, teacher, or part of an internal communications team, we’re directing Piktochart to be laser-focused on what’s best for you and your goals. No...
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Red Bull  -  Kragujevac

Student Brand Manager - ATLANTIC BRANDS D.O.O. ZA PROMET I USLUGE BEOGRAD DISTRIBUTION PARTNER Student Jobs Areas that play to your strengths (all the responsibilities we'll trust you with) PRODUCT AND BRAND EXPERTS Have a good understanding of ‘moment of want’ ...
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