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Prema statistikama, popunjavanje polja "grad" povećava mogućnost pronalaženja odgovarajućeg posla na 83.7%.

Posao Senior.net developer

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Part-time Trainer for .NET Technologies (Microsoft)

Smart New Frontier

 ...qualified individuals for the position of: Part – time Trainer for .NET Technologies (Microsoft) Required qualifications: ~Bachelor...  ..., ~Front-end programming with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, ~Developing MVC web application, ~Experience in the architecture and... 
Novi Sad
pre 2 meseci

QA Engineer

Quadro Consulting

 ...experienced IT professional for a 6-month assignment with the role of: QA Engineer A team is being put together to work alongside US-based developers to migrate a Marketing Campaign software for the Real Estate industry. The legacy platform has Java & Node.js modules, using VMS,... 
pre 21 dan

Remote Biopharma Data Analyst


 ...dont get lost in bureaucracy or sidelined doing the same boring tasks day after day. Most projects last six months to one year, so our developers have the opportunity to try their skills on a diverse range of applications. Scopic colleagues work independently and are entrusted... 
pre 23 dana
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