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Prema statistikama, popunjavanje polja "grad" povećava mogućnost pronalaženja odgovarajućeg posla na 83.7%.

Posao Senior software java developer

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Part-time Trainer for Front-End Developer courses

Smart New Frontier

Part-time Trainer for Front-End Developer courses Smart Schoolis one of the biggest IT training companies in Vojvodina and is operating on...  .... We offer high-end customized trainings such as HTML, PHP, C#, Java and other official trainings in many countries, from multiple vendors... 
Novi Sad
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Business Development coordinator

SOL Networks Limited

 ...successfully learn many new things about foreign countries. During the last 20 years, our company has continuously improved and developed: we launch new projects while increasing the quantity and quality of our existing services. Based on a unique system of local and international... 
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