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Posao Legal-consultant Priština

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Local consultant


 ...possibility to seek online/remote mentoring services related to the field of public communication and media relations from a local consultant/trainer who will be hired to design and deliver the training sessions. In total, more than 25 municipal representatives from Mitrovic... 
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Professional Service Consultant


Our Professional Services Consultant work are responsible for all aspects of implementing FreeBalance Government Accountability Software, using generally accepted accounting principles and standards, Government-wide accounting policies and best practices, extensive product knowledge... 
pre 2 meseci

International Consultant in psycho-social support for helpline operators for victims of gender-based...

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

International Consultant in psycho-social support for helpline operators for victims of gender-based violence/domestic violence, Prishtine...  ...psychosocial support over the helpline/hotline Knowledge of local legal and policy framework on addressing GBV/DV is an advantage... 
pre 20 dana

Manager Formula Implementation—


 ...technologies for Laundry and Home Care (LHC) products, respecting the highest international standards of quality, safety/health/environment and legal requirements Review and judgement of State-of-the-art technologies with regard to LHC processes Management of international... 
pre 2 meseci

International expert on “Advanced training on online surveillance as an investigation tool”


 ...situation. The international expert will be responsible for the following: ~Develop a training methodology and training materials in consultation with the Activity Manager and deliver an agenda, presentation slides and case studies two weeks prior to the training; ~Deliver a... 
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