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Posao Trainer

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Trainer in Customer Trainings team

Schneider Electric Dms Ns Llc

 ...preparation of trainings and testing of the software to be used for trainings ~Delivery of training to the end users, project team members, trainers ~During the training, communicate with the customer and understand the customer’s needs for additional explanations, convey customer... 
Novi Sad
pre 2 meseci

Part-time Trainer for .NET Technologies (Microsoft)

Smart New Frontier

 ...standards in education quality. Smart School is currently seeking talented and qualified individuals for the position of: Part – time Trainer for .NET Technologies (Microsoft) Required qualifications: ~Bachelor's Degree in Computer / Information Science; ~Possession... 
Novi Sad
pre 2 meseci

Professional Service Consultant


 ...software/system with the client ~Develop training material and deliver required product and user training courses, including ‘Train the Trainer’, to meet the client’s needs ~Transfer knowledge to the client related to project management, change management and correct use of... 
pre 2 meseci

Seavus Education and Development Center - SEDC

 ...computing paradigm JOB OPPORTUNITIES Web Developer, Software Developer, Front-End Web Developer, Full-Stack Web Developer, Technical trainer, Technical consultant TRAINERS Trainers are experienced and passionate software engineers who love to teach. Holders of MCT, and... 
pre 2 meseci

Local consultant for curriculum design and standardizing law enforcement curricula for professional trainings...


 ...overall goal of this activity is to develop and conduct a training programme that will improve the skills of public safety agencies’ trainer’s/curriculum developers and KAPS curriculum section in curriculum design and standardization. This workshop has been requested by KAPS... 
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